The Founder and Positivity

Bring a positive message into your organization.

The most asked question we receive at The Library Project is, “Why are their schools today that do not have proper libraries?”

The easy answer would be to blame government corruption, and yes, there is a semblance of truth in that answer, but it also oversimplifies a complex issue. I prefer to share how the schools have improved in the countries we work in, how government policy is leading the push forward, that teachers have never been better trained, and budget allocation is growing across the board. I then explain that school libraries are not on that list; yet. That the country has experienced vast growth across the board, and the role of the nonprofit organizations is to support government, not rage against it.

That answer challenges preconceived notions, promotes conversation, and builds a better understanding of the larger issue.

The energy that you project onto others is what will define you and your organization. This is what people will remember, and for that reason it is critically important that you are cognizant of that energy. Be aware of the words you use, the images you share, and the company you keep.

Positivity will always win the day.